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Master of The King's Speech 


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Bill Capo

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Ernest Robertson Demo November 2014

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Voice-over and dialect coach, demos, producer, director

Voted "Louisiana's favorite voice-over coach" by readers of the national industry publication, Backstage. (May 7th, 2015)

Appointed as Judge for the 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 Voice Arts Awards organized by SoVAS (Society of Voice Arts and Sciences).

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Private coaching - Stephen James Voice-over Workshops

As a trained and experienced educator, Stephen has established a solid reputation among the industry as a highly-professional and informative voice-over coach to selected experienced professionals and newcomers alike; both for stage and screen actors and for "behind-the-mic" voice talent, including a number of leading broadcasters and voice-over coaches. Stephen also coaches junior performers on a selective basis, as well as corporate executives wishing to improve their presentation skills.

His unique method of teaching incorporates humor and practicality mixed with a plethora of information to make learning enjoyable and highly-successful for students.

During the current COVID-19 crisis, private coaching is available via Zoom or Skype, whichever you prefer.

Such is the success of his students that Stephen was awarded "Louisiana's favorite voice coach" by national industry publication, Backstage. (May 7th, 2015) following the publication's independent survey of his industry peers.


Among Stephen James' unique qualities is his natural ability of coaching students with special needs, such as autism and cerebral palsy, for example, and for whom he has achieved exceptional success.

Voice-over demo production services

Further details at Contact Stephen James at for details of rates and availability.

Stephen has also produced successful voice-over demos for many experienced voice-over professionals, including established TV and radio broadcasters, as well as students new to the business, including those associated with WWL, WLOX, NPR affiliates, and other radio stations throughout the region and further afield - and which have been accepted by leading talent agencies nationwide and overseas.

His full demo production services include intensive coaching and rehearsal of scripts and with a final session in the recording booth, prior to the resultant demo being edited and produced.

Examples of recent demos can be heard by clicking on the samples at top right.

Please do not ask us to "fast-track" your demo production. We will be happy to produce your demo when you are ready and you have received sufficient coaching and attained a sufficient standard to make this step.

"British English" and accent neutralization

In addition to coaching regular voice-over techniques, Stephen James also offers a coaching series in "British English" for actors and voice-over talent alike. He also even coached major American film actors in voice delivery and dialect (and sometimes to ensure their British accents are correct), and helped a number of actors to "neutralize" their southern or other regional accent. 

Stephen has also collaborated with screenwriters, authors, and producers to ensure the use of authentic British vernacular.

Director and Producer

Whether for radio-play performances or for directing actors in-studio or on-set. Stephen is an accomplished director and producer; he has been involved as a consultant on a number of productions, including co-directing the award-winning movie My Choice is Clear alongside David Mills.

Stephen has been co-producer and director of the annual New Orleans benefit radio-play It's a Wonderful Life since 2009 and has produced and directed a number of audio-books. Stephen is also the creator of leading comedy troupe The GooNOLAs, for which he is also producer, director, and performer.

As part of Stephen's energy in promoting the amazing performing talent in the region, Stephen James also produces and presents the Annual NVT Hollywood South Awards to recognize individual talent and commitment to the movie, theater, broadcasting, and voice-over industries throughout the region and to raise funds for area non-profit organizations.

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